Over 95 Years and Growing

In 1926, a group of drug store owners started on a journey together. They wanted to form a group that not only helped their own businesses flourish, but also helped one another with strategy sharing and collaboration. While many things have changed over the years, CDMA still holds fast to the value of helping businesses become profitable.  


As the owner of Quality Choice, we focus on distributing a stellar private label program that can boost your business, with high profit margins and an extensive selection of products. Now, more than ever, customers need a company that will support its needs and keep them competitive in this ever-changing environment. CDMA provides the programs and services that help level the playing field. 

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Quality Choice for a Quality Life

Started in 1995, Quality Choice has grown into a recognized Health, Beauty and Wellness private label with over 1,000 items sold.


Quality Choice focuses on everyday savings and value. We strive to provide consumers with affordable, yet effective products to help them find the well-being and balance they strive for. Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Quality Choice provides products that have earned the confidence of our customers and consumers alike. 

Quality Choice products are sold through drug wholesalers, drug store chains, grocery stores, convenient stores, and health care organizations throughout the United States and international.

Refreshingly Beautiful at An Affordable Price


In today's competitive beauty industry, there are multitudes of product lines to choose from. Introduced in 2014, Awaken’s objective is to provide our customers with personal care products that meet any consumer’s needs, leaving them refreshed, beautiful, happy, confident, and giving them desirable results at affordable prices. Sometimes inexpensive does not mean getting less for your money. Consumers can stay within their budget and still pamper themselves with Awaken products. 

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 To distribute the best high-quality health, beauty, and wellness products and provide exceptional customer support to help grow your business.